Meet John Cadman

Pono Pies are a result of  the last four years of trying to develop healthy and satisfying desserts that utilize local ingredients to the greatest extent possible. You see, like many Americans, I had a sugar addiction. I would eat healthy most of the time but at the end of the day, I would always crave something sweet, and I mean really CRAVE.

So began my experimentation with healthy, raw and vegan desserts. This, along with research for a talk I gave on Breadfruit (‘Ulu) at a Maui Farmers Union meeting, helped me to realize that Breadfruit embodies sustainability and food security more than any other food crop in Hawaii. Pono Pies are the result of incorporating this amazing fruit with my passion for healthy desserts

They use Maui Grown Breadfruit, Macadamia nuts from Waiehu, Haiku honey, and almond milk as a base. The crust is made from Macadamia nuts, dried coconut and honey for a little sweetness.  They contain no sugar, flour or gluten, eggs, butter or dairy of any kind, and no GMO.

“John Cadman on Maui creates amazing ulu pies and cupcakes using the ripe fruit. His Pono Pies take breadfruit to a new culinary level. “

 Diane Ragone, Director Breadfruit Institute